HoverGen™ - Hybrid Generator

HoverGen is the ultimate power system for your drone. It converts gasoline energy into electricity that can directly power your Multicopter or VTOL.

Fly longer!

Unlock the high energy density of gasoline and boost your flight time up to 600%!

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Lift More!

The impressive power-to-weight ratio of HoverGen allows for high payload capability and long flight times.

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Rapid Refueling!

Forget about waiting for batteries to charge. HoverGen runs on a regular 2-stroke gasoline and oil mix. Between flights just refill the fuel tank and fly again. Utilisation rates of >95% are achievable.

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Cost Effective!

The HoverGen will typically pay for itself within three sets of smart batteries (15kg of LiPo). The only ongoing costs are fuel, and a regular service every 100hrs.

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Weather Resistant!

The HoverGen is built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions - boasting an extended operating temperature and weather resistant design.

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Australian Made

The HoverGen is designed and manufactured in NSW Australia from local and imported components.

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