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HoverGen is the ultimate power system for your drone. It converts gasoline energy into electricity that can directly power your Multicopter or VTOL.

The continuous output power of HoverGen is 3kW with a 49V system voltage (equivalent to 12S), making it suitable for large UAVs with high payloads.

HoverGen has a powerful 46cc engine and will significantly outperform the competition based on the Zenoah G320RC 32cc engine. 

The HoverGen is a good choice for users who want to fly over a long range and have a very long endurance.

The HoverGen is highly suited to a vast range of applications including; agricultural sprayers, inspection, mapping, logistics, emergency services, etc.


  • Fully enclosed and protected design
  • Rain proof 
  • Extended operating temperature 
  • 46cc Engine
  • Quick swap connection
  • 3kW Output at 49V (12S)
  • Isolated CAN and PWM
  • Auto-start
  • 100hr service
  • Weight is less than 5kg

Details are subject to change without notice. 


More details to come! 

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